• Innovate
  • JCDecaux Innovate is a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of outdoor advertising. Using the most up-to-the-minute technologies in outdoor advertising, we take a marketing objective from concept to reality for our outdoor projects in Hong Kong. Today, advertisers need to be more inventive to encourage engagement and recall from their campaigns.

  • Interactive

    Interactive formats are a great way of getting the public to engage and interact. With the use of latest interactive technology such as touch screens and motion sensors, people can instantly cast their votes or opinions on a designated topic or engaged in a custom-made game.

  • Sampling

    Whether it is leaflets, product sampling or brochures, sampling is an efficient way of interacting with the public. Sampling allows advertisers to get their products straight into the hands of the consumer.<

  • Special Builds

    Special Builds provide and dramatic imagery visual impact and brand recall. It can be tailored to fit specific environments delivering amazing stand out. Whether on a small or large format, a range of special build ideas are available to suit your creative needs.

  • Event

    We provide a high traffic flow platform for advertisers to carry out different types of events such as ceremonies and product launches. By selecting high traffic locations, the advertiser can reach a mass audience and achieve a stronger impact of an event.

  • Sound

    Sound can be added in your campaign. Sound enables advertisers to enhance their campaign, thereby increasing the impact of a poster visual.

  • Wrap

    Fully Wrapped areas are an ideal way to extend brand advertising. It allows advertisers “ownership” of a specific area with images delivering maximum standout.

  • Projection

    Projection can create motioned image on wall or floor. The huge projection size can deliver messages in a dynamic way.

  • Digital

    Digital network allows creativity for motion graphic to flow from one screen to the others for maximum impact. The flexibility of our management system allows the right message at the right time.

  • Lighting

    Special lighting effects allow lighting elements to enhance a campaign. Creative ideas can be illuminated with a variety of lighting effects such as adding the ambient colours, LED lighting logos, etc.

  • Mobile

    Mobile applications allow consumers to access information and contents on their mobile phones directly from a special tag printed on the advertising. Interactivity turns static poster sites into interactive communication zones, extending interaction between the poster consumers.

  • Showcase & Exhibition

    Showcase is a display that can be used to house virtually any product or brand. It is ideal for showcasing new products, it can give the consumer a close-up of how the product looks and works. Some locations having high traffic flow are dedicated for advertisers to carry out exhibitions. Product displays, sample trails, promotions, sales activities and others can be done at exhibition sites.

  • Smell

    Scent is a unique automated emission unit fitted within a special casing. A special button device allows the public to sample the scent of different products. Stimulating the sense of smell can trigger strong consumer behaviour and also create powerful positive associations.