PosterAds which offer a range of advertising formats to showcase your creative message and suit your different marketing budgets with high flexibility are as follows:

  • PosterAds  examples
    • 12-sheet Light Box

      Distributed along the tracks, among waiting areas, high-traffic intersections and passages, 12-sheet light boxes offer eye-catching exposure to upscale passengers. With the average train interval of 12 minutes, passengers have a long viewing time to take in the messages while waiting for trains.

    • 4-sheet Lightbox

      Light boxes are a highly visible and effective medium that easily attract the passengers' attention in a prestigious environment.

    • 16-sheet Light Box

      The strategic dominance of 16-sheet light boxes facing the platform at AsiaWorld-Expo offers a strong visual impact to waiting passengers, who are mainly exhibition visitors and upscale entertainment seekers.

    • Escalator Crown Bank

      Domination of the escalator crowns along the escalator enables the advertiser to create a strong visual impact at close proximity.

    • Solus Light Box

      The Solus light boxes in various sizes and at prominent locations are highly visible and eye-catching to attract attention and thereby effectively enhance the brand image.


FeatureAds provide a wide range of advertising formats which create high impact and high ad awareness. Concourse formats offer high visibility and opportunities for large and dominant creative works. Platform formats guarantee a prolonged viewing time. Train formats provide a close viewing proximity and exposure. Last but not least, MTR advertising offers out-of-the-box platform for your outstanding creative works. You will find some more other formats that can cater for your advertising needs below.

  • Platform Formats
    • Trackside Billboard

      A spectacular and giant billboard along the track facing the passengers and opposite the entry tollgate guarantees maximum exposure of your brand to receptive audiences, who are waiting on the platform. The average interval between trains is about 12 minutes.

      Trackside Billboard

    • Bulkhead Sticker Above Platform

      This format offers head-on exposure to the passengers waiting on the platform. The domination execution further enhances the visual impact and facilitates the brand image enhancement.

      Bulkhead Sticker Above Platform

    • Platform Screen Door Sticker (Double impact)

      This eye-catching format on the platform screen doors along the track offers you a long exposure time as the average interval of 12 minutes is between trains to receptive audiences waiting on the platform. With a double quantity of stickers placed on the platform screen doors, advertisers are able to display multiple messages more easily.

      Platform Screen Door Sticker (Double impact)

    • Platform Screen Door Sticker (Single impact)

      This eye-catching format on the platform screen doors along the track offers you a long exposure time due to the average interval of 12 minutes between trains to receptive audiences, who are waiting on the platform.

      Platform Screen Door Sticker (Single impact)

  • Station Exterior Formats
    • Hotel Shuttle Bus Rear Sticker

      Shuttling between Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station and hotels every day, the shuttle bus takes Airport Express passengers to-and-from the key transport interchanges, major hotels and shopping areas while effectively communicating your messages to business travellers, tourists, shoppers and entertainment seekers.

      Hotel Shuttle Bus Rear Sticker

    • Lamppost Banner

      Situated outside the Hong Kong Station facing the IFC Mall, a series of lamppost banners provide an effective platform for showcasing brand images and attracting the attention of travellers and upscale shoppers.

      Lamppost Banner

    • Exterior Glass Pane Sticker

      Facing the IFC Mall and taxi departure area, the glass pane sticker effectively enhances the brand image and offer on-target exposure to the travellers and upscale audiences.

      Exterior Glass Pane Sticker

  • Train Formats
    • Column Sticker between Saloon Windows

      This format delivers your creative messages to passengers at very close proximity. With the addition of a take-one box, advertiser allows passengers to take leaflets or brochures which are readily accessible to passengers.

      Column Sticker between Saloon Windows

    • Facing Seat Sticker

      A highly visible format in front of the seated passenger effectively delivers your messages to receptive audiences during the journey. Advertiser can also add a take-one-box to seat backs for containing their brochures or leaflets.

      Facing Seat Sticker

    • Saloon Window Sticker

      Through this format sticker, advertiser can readily communicate their messages to passengers at close proximity. Special die-cut patterns offer high flexibility for creative execution.

      Saloon Window Sticker

    • Sticker Above Seats

      A highly-visible format effectively communicates your messages to receptive audiences in a captive environment during the journey.

      Sticker Above Seats

    • Panel Sticker Next to the Train Door

      This special format creates top-of-mind awareness among passengers during their journey in a captive environment. With the application of vivid die-cut patterns, advertiser can enjoy higher innovative flexibility to deliver their messages.

      Panel Sticker Next to the Train Door

    • Train Door Window Sticker

      The sticker is a must-see advertising format that reaches all passengers once they enter and leave the carriage.乘客進出车廂时,视线必然触达張貼於车门玻璃窗的广告信息。

      Train Door Window Sticker

    • Train Door Sticker

      Combing the stickers on train doors and train door windows, this format offers a strong visual impact to passengers once they enter and leave the carriage.

      Train Door Sticker

    • Luggage Rack Sticker

      Sticker on the luggage rack offers effective exposure to travellers.

      Luggage Rack Sticker

    • Ceiling Sticker

      Ceiling sticker is a very special format that allows high flexibility for creative execution to generate impressive campaigns.

      Ceiling Sticker

    • Sticker Above Route Map Indicator

      The display of creative messages above the route map indicator readily captures the attentions of in-train passengers.

      Sticker Above Route Map Indicator

    • Seat Back Sticker

      The sticker is a must-see format that advertisers can effectively communicate the messages to passengers at very close proximity during the journey.

      Seat Back Sticker

    • Headrest

      Headrests are a unique and highly visible advertising format that facilitates your brand awareness and brand recall campaign effectively during the journey.


    • Full Train Interior Domination

      Combining multiple feature formats, the full train interior domination successfully creates a special 360° world of images in a captive environment that reinforces the messages during the journey.

      Full Train Interior Domination

    • Full Train Body

      Stickers wrapped around the whole train body boost brand exposure and deliver visual impact to commuters and passengers.

      Full Train Body

  • Concourse Formats
    • Baggage Trolley Sticker

      By advertising on a large number of baggage trolleys used by passengers, advertisers enjoy extensive coverage and immediate brand recall and brand awareness.

      Baggage Trolley Sticker

    • Ticket Machine Sticker

      Sticker posted on the ticket machine which is used by passengers usually enables the advertiser to display their messages at proximity to passengers and catch their attentions readily.

      Ticket Machine Sticker

    • Poster on Wall

      Poster on Wall creates a highly visual impact and top-of-mind awareness among the travellers.

      Poster on Wall

    • Glass Pane Sticker

      Glass pane stickers create a domination effect with the ability to carry multiple messages and enhance the brand image.

      Glass Pane Sticker

    • Lift Interior Sticker

      Advertising in the captive environment of a lift, advertisers can easily communicate their messages to receptive audiences when they travel between floors.

      Lift Interior Sticker

    • Pillar Sticker

      Using the domination offered by pillar stickers at a specific zone, advertisers are able to grasp the attention of waiting passengers effectively.

      Pillar Sticker

    • Lift Shaft Sticker

      The stickers wrapped around the lift shafts facilitate the marketing strategy to enhance brand image and awareness.

      Lift Shaft Sticker

    • Hanging Banner

      As an impressive format to facilitate your brand awareness and image, the hanging banner offers top-of-mind awareness among the travellers.

      Hanging Banner

  • Exhibition and Standee
    • Hand Distribution

      Advertiser can assign ambassador to distribute product samples, coupons or leaflets to passengers in a cost-effective way.

      Hand Distribution

    • Standee

      Standee enables advertisers to display promotional messages and share their product information via catalogues, leaflets or brochures placed in the standees.


    • Experiential zone

      Experiential zone in the stations enables advertisers to directly interact with their target audiences and present information about their company and product in a lively way.