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It has recently come to our notice that there are certain suspected fraudulent activities or scams perpetrated through instant messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp) which involve the unauthorized and wrongful use of the name of our Company, with intent to deceive the recipients of the messages.

The following are some of the usual features of such suspected fraudulent activities or scams:

  1. Unauthorized use of the name and address of our Company (e.g. in business card, social media platform messages, etc.), and may even copy or forge the contents of or information contained in the official recruitment website of our Company;
  2. Impostors falsely representing or pretending to be the staff of our Company and conducting recruitment through instant messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp) using the name of our Company, but without any consent or authority whatsoever from our Company;
  3. Deceiving the victims to perform certain jobs under the disguise that they are jobs assigned by our Company.  The victims did not receive any agreed remuneration after performing such jobs.


We hereby declare that:

  1. Our Company is not in any way involved in and has no connection with any of the aforesaid activities;
  2. None of the aforesaid activities are authorized by our Company;
  3. None of the impostors and fraudsters are staff or representatives of our Company;
  4. Our Company does not carry out recruitment activities through instant messaging applications; and
  5. Our Company is taking the matter seriously and has already reported the matter to the police for further investigation and/or action.

Although our Company has no involvement in or connection with any of the aforesaid activities and is not liable to or responsible for any acts of the impostors and fraudsters, our Company is mindful that the aforesaid activities may be a trap for the unwary and would like to remind the public to be vigilant if they receive any recruitment message or communication via instant messaging applications pretending or asserting to be sent by our Company or our staff to avoid becoming a victim of any scam or fraudulent activity.  In case anyone receives such message and has any doubt or suspicion, he or she may contact our Company for verification and / or may in appropriate circumstances report the matter to the relevant law enforcement authorities in Hong Kong.

If there is any enquiry or question, please contact us at (+852) 2111 0111 or

JCDecaux Pearl & Dean Ltd.

18 May 2024

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